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Expected duration (M.A.): 1 year
Expected duration (Ph.D.): 4 years

Program Description
The Department of Economics at the University of Manitoba is both heterodox and policy-oriented. Faculty are heavily involved in shaping policy locally as well as at the national and international levels. Faculty have strong ties to economic research and forecasting organizations, international aid agencies and institutes for social policy research. Faculty members include neoclassicists, Keynesians, post-Keynesians, Marxists, institutionalists, empiricists, and econometricians. In addition to the standard economics curriculum, graduate students can choose from a variety of approaches and research areas, as well as take advantage of the department's openness to research topics that extend beyond the bounds of the department itself.

The Department of Economics offers graduate instruction leading to MA and PhD degrees. Graduate enrolment is approximately 20 in the pre-MA and MA programs and 22 in the PhD program. Enrolment is limited in order to sustain the flexibility and other advantages of a small graduate program and to tailor the program to individual needs. Students in the program come from Canada and around the world. Departmental funding policies are geared to the maintenance of a broad, international student base.

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