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The Interior Design program at Virginia Marti College of Art and Design trains students to visualize and develop a complete understanding of three-dimensional space as well as its form and function.
The interior design curriculum coursework focuses on the essential and critical components of the design process: drawing, drafting, color, design, and the fundamentals of space planning and perspective.
The Virginia Marti College of Art & Design gives students the opportunity to develop and refine the skills that enhance their artistic spirit by providing them with:
•A structured and comprehensive design curriculum
•Focus on the aesthetics and practicality
•A highly creative environment
•A complete sample library
•Research references
•Technology growth
•Small class sizes
•Individual attention
As such, students will study a variety of residential and commercial projects that grow in complexity as students advance in each interior design class. Student-designers are trained to solve problems of space, both visually and practically, while observing its safety, usability, comfort and aesthetics.
Real world experience is gained through a hands-on approach to each interior design class, as well as internship opportunities and community projects. Through these projects, students study commercial and residential planning and design, as well as project specifications, materials and construction details, and market realities.
Further information and training is provided to help students successfully communicate their ideas both visually and verbally throughout the interior design curriculum at VMCAD

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