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Write your story, sketch your designs, and illustrate the possibilities. Shoot footage, animate characters, edit your movie, add special effects, and deliver it to the world on your own website.
When you learn all of the Digital Media tools, the creative possibilities are endless.
VMCAD’s Digital Media Program is designed for you to be able to do it all. Whether it’s creating and directing your own short film, music video, commercial, 3-D animation or website, we want to help your dreams come true. Our digital media classes are the introduction and education you’ll need to make your visual dreams a reality.
We thought long and hard and decided you don’t want to spend a lot of time and money studying just one small aspect of the digital media industry. And who knows, what you want to study now may change in ten years, and we want you to be equipped to handle anything that comes your way.
Our 24-month program will teach you video production, 3-D animation, and advanced web design plus all the basics you will need to get started. This makes you more marketable, which to us means better jobs in a shorter time.
Our courses aren’t your average boring lecture classes, that would make us just like everyone else. Here you’ll work in our studio getting real hands-on training in all the technical and creative aspects of the digital media industries.
As fun as it is to read books about this stuff, we think our students would much rather do it.

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