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The Master of Science is designed to build computer science depth and research competence, to prepare students for advanced careers in computing fields. Students completing the M.S. degree are also well-prepared for doctoral study in computer science.
The courses in the department are designed to teach the foundations of computing rather than a particular technology, so that the student is prepared to change with changing technology. Courses use a variety of programming languages, with introductory courses using Java and further coursework that can include C++, Prolog, PHP, and other languages. A variety of platforms, including both Windows and Unix/Linux machines are used in coursework.
In the Department of Computer Science, our faculty are dedicated to advancing the field of Computer Science and involving our students in the excitment of discovery that is inherrent in our research activities. Our research is well-supported by external research funding: In the 2009-2010 academic year, we received a little over $720,000 in external funding — with only 7 tenured and tenure-track faculty, this puts us 2nd in per-capita funding of the 22 departments in the College.

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