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The graduate program in Childhood Education, leading to the Master of Science in Education (M.S.Ed.) degree is a direct outgrowth of the Bachelor of Science Program in Childhood Education. It enables graduates of the B.S. program and other qualified individuals to complete the Regents requirements in this area leading to New York State Certification.


The program has been designed by the Education faculty of Five Towns College and teachers and administrators currently working in various school districts on Long Island. It is the intent of this program to enhance student understanding, pedagogical skills and appreciation of the recent Standards put forth by the Regents. The courses are organized in progressive tiers from the 500 level up to the research courses and seminars in the 700 level. The coursework can be completed in three semesters of full-time study or on a part-time basis.


The objectives of the program are to provide graduates students with the ability to:
• Teach the history, philosophy and current   trends in the field of childhood education;
• Apply current thinking on evaluations and assessment in the classroom;
• Teach literacy, mathematics and technology;
• Incorporate different cultures into the classroom;
• Meet the educational needs of exceptional children; and
• Evaluate research in the area of Childhood Education.


The program framework calls for consonance and coherence with its theoretical and conceptual base, student outcomes, courses, instruction and evaluation. The content of courses complement each other and are consistent with the conceptual framework of the program.


The graduate program in Childhood Education is designed to develop and enhance the level of competencies of the classroom teacher in areas of instruction related to grades 1-6, to establish research skills in various education topics and increase expertise and knowledge of the teacher's role in the teaching-learning process.

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