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Management is a universal process that applies to all career fields and to private, public, and nonprofit organizations. The curriculum offers two majors: the management major and the human resource management major. 

The management major should be selected by students who want a broad background that prepares them for administrative careers in a wide range of settings. Course work is appropriate for individuals considering entry-level positions or management trainee programs. In addition, this major provides a firm grounding in the management of organizational and institutional resources, and in international issues. 

The human resource management major is intended for students who have chosen a career in human resource management. The field is recognized for its increasingly significant contribution to the success of all types of organizations. Graduates will typically qualify for entry-level positions in recruiting, testing, interviewing, compensation, benefits, training, affirmative action, and labor relations. Also, graduates will be prepared to take the Professional in Human Resources Certification Test.

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