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The Chemistry program offers a modern curriculum forthe study of chemistry and several courses provide an important foundation in chemical theory and practice for the study of biology, geology, environmental science, and the healthsciences.

The program has been approvedby the American Chemical Society (ACS)to offer certified degrees in Chemistry. The department has well-equipped laboratoriesto support and reinforce classroominstruction and to provide opportunities for research. Instrumentation for spectroscopy includes ultraviolet-visible and infraredspectrophotometers; two nuclear magneticresonance spectrometers; and atomic absorptionand emission spectrometers with both flameand inductively coupled plasma sources. Otherequipment items include a scanningprobe microscope, a gas chromatograph/mass spectrometer system; several other gasand liquid chromatographs; electrochemicalanalyzers; and a differential scanningcalorimeter.

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