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Students study the interactions between people and their environments, both human-made and natural. Geographers examine the places and regions resulting from such interactions and analyze the spatial characteristics of all manner of natural, cultural, economic, and political processes and relationships. The Geography program at Mary Washington has three areas of emphasis:
Community, Development, and Culture:
A focus on how people living in specific places and regions experience and affect social, cultural, economic, and environmentalprocesses;includes course work in planning and urban geography, local development, race and place, human-environment relationships, and regional geographies
A focus on the geographies of globalization and its political, cultural, and economic dimensions; includes course work in geopolitics, economic and cultural globalization, international development, migration, and regional geographies.
Nature and Society:
A focus on the physical and social processes that shape the natural environmental and affect human life;includes course work in landforms, climatology, human-environment relationships and regional geographies. 

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