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The Department of Nutrition offers a graduate program of study leading to a Master of Science degree. This degree offers two options: a thesis option (37 hours minimum) and a non-thesis option (40 hours minimum).
The Master’s degree is offered with specialization in Human Nutrition and emphasis in applied Nutrition Science or Basic Nutrition Science. The M.S. (thesis-option) is a research-based degree program designed to prepare students for teaching, research, administrative, and consulting positions or for progression to a Ph.D. degree program.
Department faculty have a wide range of research interests related to nutrition and health and use of diverse methodological approaches. These interests include the metabolism, function and requirements of specific nutrients throughout the life cycle, nutrients and phytochemicals in health and disease, nutritional assessment and intervention, maternal and infant nutrition, nutrition education, nutrition and aging, nutrition and physical performance, interaction of nutrients on genes and regulation of the growth and development of bone and adipose tissue. Faculty and students conduct basic research (work with small laboratory animals and/or cultures of animal and human cells) or applied research (work with human subjects in clinical or community based studies) to achieve research objectives.
The M.S. non-thesis option is designed to prepare students for consulting, administrative, and practitioner positions in nutrition. A comprehensive examination must be passed. The registered dietitian (R.D.) credential must be obtained for a career in dietetics.

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