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The primary goal of the Department of Specialized Education Services is to prepare professionals for diverse roles in working with individuals with disabilities and other exceptional needs across the life span in a variety of community and educational environments. Programs in the department emphasize the delivery of services in integrated settings, with a focus on interdisciplinary and interagency collaboration. Upon graduation students are prepared for leadership roles in special education that enable them to assume positions such as consultant, teacher, community college teacher, special services administrator, and advocate. All department programs are fully accredited by the National Council for the Accreditation of Teacher Education.
The Ph.D. program in special education is designed to prepare you to be a leader in the field of special education. Your studies as a Ph.D. student will enable you to enhance the lives of individuals with disabilities and their families and prepare you to succeed as a researcher, scholar, and teacher.
The Ph.D. program is designed around four critical themes:
1. Generating knowledge to help shape the future of the field.
2. Sharing knowledge with others to promote understanding and innovation.
3. Facilitating strong professional relationships through collaboration.
4. Creating, interpreting, and implementing special education policy and procedures.

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