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Managing technology is a leadership opportunity to directly impact our world and make it better for all. 
At St. Thomas, Technology Management develops leaders – leaders with skills, knowledge, and vision.  It also goes the next step, ensuring that those leaders not only have the engineering competence to know what needs doing but also have the personal confidence and initiative to make it happen.   Armed with technological know-how, technology managers are skilled at assessing the situation and asking the right questions to understand the challenge, and developing and applying solutions. 
The School of Engineering at the University of St. Thomas provides a solid Technology Management curriculum. Courses are led by professionals with strong backgrounds in applying what they teach -- so students learn the latest in rapidly changing technologies, taught by people who are actively using them in the field.  Students from almost every industry operating in the Twin Cities metro area share their experiences in the classroom.  It’s an outstanding educational environment and one which gives our students the perspective and credentials to lead in their organizations. 

Technology Management: a well-designed Masters program for those interested in successfully leading technology driven companies.    The program explores Finance & Accounting, Quality, Team & Project Management, Risk Assessment, Intellectual Property, Enterprise Systems, Tech Forecasting, and Leadership.

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