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Concerns about personal and public safety—homeland security, technology-related crimes, immigration, and more—have led to an increased demand for well-trained criminal justice professionals. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, this demand is projected to increase between 10 and 22 percent through 2018. The field of criminal justice is fast-paced, dynamic, and constantly evolving, both on the local and national levels.

The criminal justice program at Becker College features a broad curriculum, including courses covering criminal justice, psychology, sociology, law, public administration, and government. Advanced course work is designed to teach those who wish to major in criminal justice how to process and apply information reliably and develop skills in research methodology. At Becker College, a variety of electives, a criminal justice internship, and a senior year capstone project round out the criminal justice program. In addition, Becker College offers a specialized policing option during the junior and senior year for those who wish to pursue a policing career. A formal concentration in forensics/crime scene processing is also offered.

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