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Forensic psychology is one of the most popular careers in psychology today. Essentially forensic psychologists apply psychology to criminal justice. Job opportunities can be found in law enforcement, clinical work and counseling, research, and more. While the best job prospects are available for individuals who have completed doctoral studies in this discipline, Becker College prepares students for graduate study as well as for entry-level positions within this evolving industry.

The Becker College forensic psychology concentration within the psychology program prepares students for careers working with lawmakers, attorneys, and other experts within family, criminal, and civil court systems. Students learn to apply psychological principles to the law for the purpose of examining issues relating to crime prevention, rehabilitation programs in prisons, child custody cases, courtroom dynamics, and effective policing, among others. Students in the forensic psychology concentration also receive an introduction to major research methods in behavioral sciences. Elective courses, a senior seminar, and an internship are available.

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