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The award-winning animation program at KCAI provides a unique learning environment for students to successfully explore their creativity and to produce animation within personal and professional contexts.
Experienced faculty provide well-rounded instruction in classical, experimental and computer animation. However, one approach, idea or piece of technology is never prioritized over another. Instead, our method is to encourage students to think and act for themselves while exploring fresh new approaches and solutions. Senior-level majors are offered a year of structured studio time devoted to producing a significant personal work. The goal of the senior graduation animation project is for the students to complete productions that exemplify their mastery of the medium to date. This approach fully prepares students to enter the field with a strong portfolio and a well-rounded sense of artistic and technical confidence.
Professional practice is a compulsory component of the program, and every animation major benefits directly from interaction with world-renowned visiting artists, scholars and professionals. Upon graduation, students are fully prepared for entry-level work within the animation industry or to seek and create opportunities on their own as freelance independent artists.
Professional opportunities may include: animation studios, feature film and television production, independent short-form film festivals, museum exhibition, teaching and corporate media. Current software applications being used include Adobe Creative Suite 6, Maya and Dragonframe.

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