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Painting students at KCAI develop visual and critical skills that allow them to experiment both conceptually and materially. As a painting major, you will develop a visual language based on the creation of a personal process that is not limited by materials but instead is tied together through an understanding of core philosophies.
Shifts in the ways artists have created work over the past 20 years or more have resulted in artists being viewed as cultural workers whose ideas dictate their materials, rather than as creators who are defined by one chosen medium. As a result, experimentation is encouraged, as diversity is a core value of the painting department. This diversity is mirrored in the breadth of expertise in the faculty as well as the richness of the critical dialogue in the departmental community. As a student in the painting department, you can work within a wide range of visual media, from academic figuration to performance, video and installation. Students are not expected to produce work within a specific style or genre, but are free to create their own lineage, adding their voice to a rich continuum.
You will be instructed in essential traditions, materials and methods, and you will develop a critical dialogue that serves to amplify your individual voice within the universal language of painting. Students leave the painting department with a process that recognizes the edges of the discipline and how the philosophical underpinnings of the discipline form the basis for a wide exploration of ideas and materials.

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