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The Communication Department offers five related concentrations:
1. Journalism, 
2. Photojournalism
3. Broadcasting
4. Public Relations 
5. Organizational Communication 

These Communication majors are designed to prepare the student for successful pursuit of professional and personal goals. An individual graduating from this program will also be equipped to function well in the larger setting of society. Each major combines traditional course work with practical application in the field of choice. This has proven to be invaluable to students and may take the form of internships, private employment, or work assignments (or a combination of all three). In the Journalism and Photojournalism majors, students may choose to work for academic credit on school publications such as The Stylus, the century-old Park newspaper. In the Broadcasting major, students work at KGSP-FM, the Park University radio station, or in the production of programs for the Northland News. Students who select the Organizational Communication or the Public Relations majors often have specific occupational goals in mind. Both majors serve a broad spectrum of professions in contemporary corporate, government, and non-profit environments. Choices for Organizational Communication majors include management, training, development, human resources, consulting, or related fields.

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