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Criminology is an exciting, multidisciplinary field that studies the causes and consequences of crime as well as the procedures and policies that govern the institutions designed to address it. Hofstra’s Criminology Program offers an undergraduate major and minor, and it is designed to provide students with a broad-based liberal arts education that draws from a variety of disciplines, including sociology, forensic science, linguistics, philosophy, political science and psychology.

The Criminology Program’s objective is to provide students with sound methodological and analytic skills, leading to critical understanding of criminal behavior and the operation of the criminal justice system. The goal of the program is to prepare students for further studies and decision-making and leadership positions in the fields of law, criminal justice administration, policy development and national security.

Students with criminology degree will be able to work in governmental criminal justice agencies, non-profit foundations, and community organizations that deal with various issues in criminal justice, such as rehabilitation, uniformity in sentencing, prison over-crowding, recidivism, gun control, community policing, treatment of drug offenders, and human rights violations, among others.

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