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The Early Childhood program develops expertise in working with children from ages 3 through 8 and pre-kindergarten through grade three. Candidates who earn an Early Child License may take the appropriate course work to qualify for a Middle Child license in one teaching content area.
The Middle Childhood program develops expertise in teaching students from ages 8 through 14 and grades four through nine.  This program prepares middle-child educators in two of four content areas:  language arts, math, science, and social studies.  The middle-child candidate may also qualify for the Middle Child Generalist Endorsement through additional course work and licensure exams.  Consult with the middle child coordinator regarding course and test requirements.
The University also offers Adolescent/Young Adult and Multi-Age teaching licensure preparation in a number of major teaching fields.  Students completing the required education course work and teaching content area course work qualify for an Adolescent/Young Adult (AYA) (Grades 7-12) or Multi-Age (MA) (Pre K-12) license upon completion of required competency assessments, including student teaching and PRAXIS II exams.
The Adolescent/ Young Adult candidate prepares to work with adolescents from ages 12 through 21 and grades seven through twelve.  Candidates may be licensed in at least one of the following teaching fields:
1.  Integrated Language Arts
2.  Integrated Social Studies
3.  Integrated Mathematics
4.  Chemistry/Life Science
5.  Life Science
6.  Physical Science:  Physics/Chemistry
7.  Physics
8.  Chemistry

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