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The Department of Political Science seeks to facilitate the acquisition of knowledge about politics and to hone intellectual skills that encourage analysis and evaluation of that knowledge.  Political science is a social science discipline in the tradition of the liberal arts and sciences.  Its subject matter embraces political institutions of government, political behavior, and political theory.  The goals of the Political Science Department are: (1) to promote student learning about politics and political science; (2) to improve basic intellectual skills—analytical reasoning, critical thinking, written communication, and problem solving; (3) to promote awareness, interest, concern, and involvement in community affairs at all levels; and (4) to provide a foundation for post-graduate studies (public affairs, political science, public policy, public administration, law, and other related fields) and careers, particularly in public service (e.g., public policy analysis, public administration, non-profit administration, electoral politics), education, political journalism, law, and the private sector (domestic and international).

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