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The Department of Mathematics and Computer Science offers two major programs in computing:  a Bachelor of Science in computer science and a Bachelor of Science in computer information systems.  Both majors have a common set of core courses for the first two years of study, preparing students with a strong foundation in software programming and application development.  The two majors diverge for the upper-level courses, with computer science majors acquiring a strong understanding of how and why technology works, while computer information systems majors focus on learning how to apply technology to solve complex business problems. The department also offers mathematics (MT) programs that are described in a separate section. 
Technology is becoming an increasingly integral part of everyday life.  It influences the music we enjoy, the medical advances we rely upon, the way we communicate, and how we do business.  An understanding of technology is a vital skill set for an educated person in this century.  Computer science drives innovation in all of the sciences and business, as almost every significant challenge facing the world turns to computing as an aid to a solution.
The major in computer science leading to the Bachelor of Science degree prepares students for a career in technology, as well as graduate study in computer science.  Computer science careers span the spectrum of possibilities:  from working for national companies with large, well-established technology departments to founding entrepreneurial start-up companies at the frontier of future technology to filling critical support roles in virtually all possible fields, including medicine, business, manufacturing, consulting, government, law, and research.
The major in computer information systems leading to the Bachelor of Science degree enables students to understand, manage, and apply technology within the realistic constraints of an ever-changing marketplace.  Graduates of the program play a critical role in the future of business, the economy, and social interactions by designing new forms of communication and online business communities.

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