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The Department of Management, Marketing, and Logistics is dedicated to educating and serving its students, the University, and the community through quality teaching, significant research, interaction with Northeast Ohio executives, and meaningful involvement with the local business community.  The objective of the management faculty is to develop the management and leadership skills necessary for achieving excellence in one’s chosen profession and those that are sought after by Fortune 500 companies.
Managers are responsible for the effective and efficient performance of modern organizations.  In management, students study theories, interpersonal skills, and financial and technological techniques applicable to all organized activity—whether in business, government, education, or healthcare.  Emphasis is placed on strategic thinking, project management, and the leadership capacity to implement decisions within 21st-century business.  Management has been defined as the “process of achieving desired results through efficient utilization of human and material resources.”
Recent John Carroll management alumni have had a myriad of career paths available to them, for example, as management consultants, entrepreneurs, management/executive trainees, human-resource specialists, healthcare administrators, production/operations planners and supervisors, bank managers, and salespeople.  With many available career options, management offers students the opportunity to tailor course work to specific careers.  This flexibility distinguishes a management major from other majors.
As a major, management is especially appropriate for those who plan to become leaders or managers in any organization, from Fortune 500 companies to family businesses, or for those who aspire to develop and manage new enterprises.  It is also an excellent foundation for those who desire to pursue graduate study in business administration, organizational behavior, production/operations management, management information systems, human resource management, industrial relations, or law.  In fact, our management majors have gone on to some of the top-ranked graduate schools in the U.S.
In this increasingly “high tech/high touch” world, managers must be familiar with the latest developments in information technology and project management, as well as being competent in the management of people.  Management majors are expected to be skilled in both areas. 
Students may select a variety of elective courses by choosing the broadly defined Leadership and Management track, or they may choose a track in Human Resource Management or Entrepreneurial Studies. 

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