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The Master of Arts in Communications Management requires 33 hours of graduate credit. Two plans are offered. All students take a final comprehensive examination. A few of the required courses have prerequisites that can add to the total, if similar courses have not been taken in the undergraduate years. These include statistics, economics, and organizational behavior.
Core communications courses include research methods, ethics in media, communications law, communications theory, marketing, management theory, and human resource management. Track courses include media strategy and public relations management or media production and mass communications management.
According to their career goals, students may choose between two approaches to the degree, Plans A or B.
Plan A, which emphasizes research and includes a thesis requirement, is most appropriate for those considering further course work at the doctoral level.
Plan B, which combines course work with either a research essay or a creative project, may be more appropriate to students whose M.A. will be their final degree. The selection of Plan B does not exclude students from subsequent doctoral study. Both plans require a comprehensive examination.

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