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The Master of Arts in Humanities is an interdisciplinary degree that allows the study of defined topics or themes through at least three fields from art history, classical or modern languages, English, history, philosophy, theology/religious studies and certain courses in communications, political science, and sociology. The main premise of the degree is that historical, artistic, or ethical topics can be best understood when seen through the lenses of different scholarly approaches. Students may design, with guidance, individualized study plans. The degree may be completed exclusively through evening classes. Most students take one or two courses a semester and complete the program within four years.
The Master of Arts in Humanities degree is designed for both non-traditional and traditional students. Non-traditional students are those who are already established in careers such as medicine, law, business, education or religion. Traditional students are recent B.A. or B.S. graduates seeking an integrated multidisciplinary program that can lead to teaching or government careers or as preparation for doctoral studies.

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