Course Summary

Course Description

Acceptance into the Department of Music is conditional 
upon completion of a successful audition. Go to to learn more about 
specific audition requirements and recommended repertoire 
for each instrument and voice. 
? The audition will serve as a placement examination for 
accepted candidates. 
Professional Sequence Entrance Review 
? During the fourth semester of applied study, each 
student will be required to pass the Professional Sequence 
Entrance Review, which will include the following: 
? An evaluation of performance skills 
? Completion of Performance I and II 
? Completion of Class Piano IV 
? Overall GPA of at least 2.5, and a GPA for all music 
courses of at least 3.0. 
? This review is a pre-requisite for Performance level III. 
? Completion of the following courses: 
MUS 2360C Introduction to Music Technology 3 hrs 
MUT 2127 Music Theory and Musicianship IV 4 hrs

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