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English Expands Your World
Gain the confidence of sharing your thoughts, feelings, needs, hopes and dreams in English with new friends who will really understand you. Wherever life’s journey takes you, English language abilities make it better. Music, film, great books and university textbooks, websites of every description …understanding and speaking English will tremendously impact your future. At Tamwood, our world-class English language teaching methods and instructors customize a unique program for the unique individual you are. Tamwood will give you English language skills to help you become what you dream.

General English is taught using the communicative approach, where students are encouraged to actively participate in the classroom. The curriculum is uses modern and interesting materials and text books, as well as supplementary materials gathered from a wide range of sources.

Students are helped to establish their core language learning goals at the beginning of the program and are then assessed weekly to ensure they are achieving their goals.

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