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Pace University's English Language Institute offers a Pre-Graduate Program designed for students who want to apply to graduate school programs at Pace or other American universities.  The Pre-Graduate Program is a 12 (Summer) or 14 (Spring/Fall) week program.

In the Pre-Graduate Program students learn to:

Participate actively in group discussions
Work on team projects
Conduct library and internet research
Organize American-style research papers
Apply internet skills to class projects
Deliver sophisticated, clear, and confident presentations
Listen effectively and take notes during an academic lecture
Read for accuracy, meaning, and speed

The curriculum is content-based and students learn how to use the case study approach to focus on solving problems taken directly from American business and culture.  Since 1998, the English Language Institute has prepared many students for success in graduate degree programs.  During a 7-year period, nearly 65% of the students enrolled in the Pre-Graduate Program successfully graduated from Pace University graduate degree programs.

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