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Advance Your Future in Special Education

Research and practice in special education advances. Technology advances. Your career should advance with it. Purdue’s M.S. Ed. in Special Education program, earned in as little as 20 months, will help you learn new ways to nurture a modern classroom and help students at every skill level succeed.


Advance Your Training in Special Education

Purdue’s special education program builds upon a conceptual framework focusing on the skills and competencies that prepare individuals to serve as outstanding educators and leaders in the field. This program is for those who value all individuals with disabilities, who want to use the latest instructional, behavioral, and communication technologies, who must implement methods of assessment for making educational and instructional decisions, who develop and implement accommodations specific to the needs of the individual student with disabilities, and use effective instructional methods to meet those unique needs. The program also provides a practical understanding of how to implement and satisfy the legal requirements for accommodation.


Upon completion of the program, you will have the special education professional competencies you need to become a leader in your organization. You will:

  • Understand the various characteristics categories of disability identified in the law.
  • Be able to apply methods of assessment including the collection, analysis, and interpretation of data to make instructional decisions.
  • Empirically validate instructional methods to provide age-appropriate curriculum adapted to individual students' needs and educational plans.
  • Ensure students have access to the general education curriculum using evidence-based practices.
  • Use current and emerging technologies to promote increased mobility, communication, self-determination, and cognitive functioning.
  • Provide behavioral support for students with challenging behavior that promote and teach appropriate functional behavior and social skills.
  • Work as part of a multidisciplinary team to promote increased participation of students with disabilities.
  • Create safe and positive learning environments where diversity across culture, race, ethnicity, and gender are valued.
  • Understand and apply ethics and standards for professional practice in special education.



  • EDPS 53300 - Introduction to Educational Research (3 credit hrs.)
  • EDPS 51500 - Applied Behavior Analysis (3 credit hrs.)
  • EDPS 56300 - Identification, Evaluation, and Assessment of Exceptional Individuals (3 credit hrs.)
  • EDPS 56500 - Mild Methods (3 credit hrs.)
  • EDPS 56800 - Social, Legal, and Ethical Issues in Special Education (3 credit hrs.)
  • EDPS 57100 - Advanced Assistive Technology (3 credit hrs.)
  • EDPS 57701 - Mild Characteristics (3 credit hrs.)
    EDPS 56510 - Collaboration and Transition (3 credit hrs.)
  • EDPS 52000 - Severe Characteristics (3 credit hrs.)
  • EDPS 57300 - Medical and Physical Management of Individuals with Multiple Disabilities (3 credit hrs.)

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