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Would you like to land an administrative or managerial job with a top company and earn a salary to match?

UFV's Bachelor of Business Administration degree can help you get there. Through a series of in-class activities, individual assignments, hands-on projects, and industry case studies, you develop an in-depth understanding of key business principles and learn the ins and outs of starting, managing, and growing a business.

In the first two years of this four-year program, you build up your foundational knowledge and essential skills in all areas of business: marketing, communication, strategic planning, analysis, management and leadership.

In the third and fourth years, you can choose from a selection of courses to earn a general business degree or decide to specialize in accounting, finance, marketing or human resources. Earn a concentration in one of these four areas by taking a selection of four prescribed courses as your upper-level electives. Or earn an option by taking eight courses. UFV also offers you the opportunity to earn a BBA in Aviation or Trades Management.

You can take advantage of optional paid co-op work placements to graduate with real work experience, a network of contacts, and references for other employment or graduate school.

When you graduate, you are fully equipped to face any business challenge in the public, private, or government sector, or to become an entrepreneur.

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