Course Summary

Course Description

The Geography Major Program at TRU emphasizes work in human geography and specifically in areas of cultural/historical, environmental and urban geography.

Course Requirements 

First and Second Year Courses

GEOG 119 Introduction to Human Geography 1
GEOG 120 Introduction to Human Geography 2
GEOG 112 Earth's Lands and Waters
GEOG 122 Climatology and Biogeography
GEOG 270 Introduction to Geographical Analysis

Plus two of:
GEOG 210 Human Interaction with the Natural Environment
GEOG 211 Economic Geography
GEOG 212 Geography in an Urban World
GEOG 222 The Regional Geography of Canada
GEOG 223 The Regional Geography of BC and Yukon
GEOG 275 Geographic Information Systems

Third and Fourth Year Courses

30 credits of Geography courses numbered 300 or 400 (of which at least 3 credits shall be at the 400 level), as follows: 

  1. At least 3 credits from each thematic area
    1. Cultural/Historical (GEOG 320: Cultural Geography of Canada and the United States, GEOG 327: Historical Geography of Canada I, GEOG 328: Historical Geography of Canada II)
    2. Urban/Economic (GEOG 321: Historical Geography of Urbanization, GEOG 350: Introduction to Urban Geography, GEOG 357: Introduction to Social and Behavioural Geography, GEOG 361: Introduction to Economic Geography)
    3. Environmental (GEOG 310: Environment and Resources, GEOG 363: The Geography of Resource Industries)
  2. 3 credits from 400-level seminar courses
  3. 18 additional credits of Geography electives numbered 300 or 400

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