Course Summary

Course Description

This is a four-year degree program (eight academic semesters plus practicum placements). 

The curriculum is based on health promotion and the ethic of caring. Students will develop a sensitivity to peoples' experiences with health and healing, and work as partners with clients and other health care providers. Through their understanding and participation in the changing health care system, graduates will be active participants in creating health for all. 

The program consist of courses in nursing, humanities, and sciences as they are applied to the nursing care of individuals and their families. Studies will provide students with technical knowledge, human understanding, critical thinking, and research skills to provide responsible, competent, and critical client-centered care. 

The program offers the students the opportunity to work in a variety of health care settings. In addition to acute-care hospital experience, students will work in extended and intermediate care, public health, and community health agencies. Throughout the four years, students will have approximately 2,000 hours of nursing practice experience.

Course Requirements 

Semester One 
NURS 115 Health I: Health Styles
NURS 116 Professional Growth 1: Nurses’ Work
NURS 117 Self and Others I: Self-Awareness
NURS 118 Nursing Practice I
BIOL 159 Human Biology: Anatomy and Physiology
ENGL 110 Composition

Semester Two 
NURS 125 Health II: Facilitating Health and Healing in Families
NURS 127 Self and Others II: Interpersonal Relationships
NURS 128 Nursing Practice 2
BIOL 169 Human Biology: Anatomy and Physiology 2
ENGL 111 Introduction to Prose Fiction
ENGL 138 Consolidated Practice Experience 1

Semester Three 
NURS 219 Healing Workshop I: Episodic Health Challenges
NURS 218 Nursing Practice 3
HLSC 259 Health Science 3 Plus one elective course 

Semester Four 
NURS 226 Professional Growth 2: The Nursing Profession
NURS 228 Nursing Practice 4
NURS 229 Healing Workshop 2: Complex Episodic Health Challenges
HLSC 269 Health Science 4
NURS 238 Consolidated Practice Experience: 2

Semester Five
PHIL 231 Health Care Ethics
NURS 318 Nursing Practice 5
NURS 319 Health 3: Teaching and Learning for Prevention
HLSC 359 Healing/Health Sciences: Advanced Health Challenges

Semester Six 
NURS 341 Nursing Inquiry
NURS 350 Health 4: Health Promotion and Community Development
NURS 351 Nursing Practice 6
NURS 360 Professional Growth - Research
NURS 317 Self & Others 3 - Reflection on Caring Practice
NURS 338 Consolidated Practice Experience 3

Semester Seven 
NURS 430 Professional Growth: Nurses Influencing Change
NURS 431 Nursing Practice 7
NURS 438 Community Health Nursing One elective course 

Semester Eight 
Any one of the following groups:

NURS 420 Health Transitions-Complex Health Challenges
NURS 421 Complex Episodic Nursing Practice Or
    NURS 440 Health Transitions: Community Nursing
NURS 441 Community Nursing Practice Or
    NURS 460 Health in Later Life
NURS 461 Gerontological Nursing Practice 

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