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Course Description

equired courses for a Major program in Biology are as follows. 

First Year 

BIOL 1110 Principles of Biology I
BIOL 1210 Principles of Biology II
CHEM 1500 Chemical Bonding and Organic Chemistry
CHEM 1510 Fundamentals of Chemistry; or
    CHEM 1520 Principles of Chemistry
ENGL 1100 Composition; or
    ENGL 1110 Introduction to Prose
+ 3 additional credits of academic English
MATH 1130 Enriched Calculus I (or MATH 1140 or 1150)
MATH 1230 Enriched Calculus II (or Math 1240 or 1250)
PHYS 1100 Fundamentals of Physics I (or PHYS 1150)
PHYS 1200 Fundamentals of Physics II (or PHYS 1250)

Second Year 

BIOL 2130 Cell Biology
BIOL 2340 Introduction to Genetics
Three of the following:
    BIOL 2160 Introductory Microbiology
    BIOL 2170 Introduction to Ecology
    BIOL 2280 The Evolution and Ecology of Land Plants 
    BIOL 2290 Evolution of Animal Body Plans
BIOL 2300 Communicating Biology
+ 3 credits of Computing Science
CHEM 2120 Organic Chemistry I
CHEM 2220 Organic Chemistry II
+ Elective courses

Third and Fourth Years

BIOL 3000 Biometrics
BIOL 3020 Community & Ecosystem Biology
BIOL 3030 Population Biology
BIOL 3130 Introduction to Biochemistry
BIOL 3350 Molecular Genetics
Two of the following:
    BIOL 3510 Plant Physiology
    BIOL 3520 Cell Physiology
    BIOL 3540 Human Physiology
    BIOL 3550 Human Physiology 2
    (Or one of the above and both BIOL 4110 Advanced Microbiology Lab and 4210 Microbial Physiology)
BIOL 4130 Molecular Evolution; or
    BIOL 4140 Evolution

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