Course Summary

Course Description

This is a four-year degree program (eight academic semesters plus practicum placements). 

The purpose of the BSW program is to prepare graduates for the general practice of social work in rural communities and small towns. This requires that the graduates be skilled in working with individuals, families and small groups to resolve personal and family troubles. It also means that graduates are expected to have an understanding of community life in rural settings and the competence to intervene with a view to improving social conditions and addressing social issues. 

Completion of the B.S.W. degree requires that students successfully pass 120 academic credits of university coursework. Usually students would complete 54 credits of general arts and science and 66 credits of social work. 

Two social work practica are required to complete the B.S.W. degree. The School of Social Work utilizes an extensive number of service agencies in the Kamloops and outlying areas for practicum. The development of a suitable practicum placement is a collaborative effort between the instructor, student and agency to maximize the student’s learning potential.

Program Requirements 

Completion of the B.S.W. degree requires 120 credits of study, including a minimum of 48 credits in the liberal arts, social sciences and sciences and a minimum of 60 credits in social work.

Year Three Course Requirements 

SOCW 306 Theory and Ideology of Social Work
SOCW 353 Communication Skills for Social Work Practice
SOCW 354 An Introduction to First Nations Issues and Human Services
SOCW 355 Human Development; or
    One SOCW or Arts elective
SOCW 357 Social Work, Law and Social Planning
SOCW 301 The Research Practitioner
SOCW 304 Social Work Field Practice
SOCW 307 Models of Social Work Practice
Plus one SOCW or Arts elective

Year Four Course Requirements 

SOCW 302 Data Analysis in the Health and Human Service Professions
SOCW 402 Social Work Field Practice
SOCW 403 Generalist Social Work Practice

Plus five SOCW elective courses selected from the following: 
SOCW 358 Legal Skills for Social Workers
SOCW 359 Advanced Interviewing and Intervention Skills
SOCW 376 Child Welfare Practice
SOCW 400 Policy in the Human Services
SOCW 450 Understanding Human Service Organizations
SOCW 452 Educational Strategies in Social Work
SOCW 455 The Rural Community
SOCW 460 Special Topics in Social Work and Social Welfare
SOCW 461 Social Work With Groups
SOCW 466 Addictions
SOCW 476 Family and Child Welfare Policy
SOCW 477 Family Practice
SOCW 478 Introduction to Disability Studies
SOCW 490 Directed Studies 

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