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The Master of Arts in History program offers advanced training in American, African, Middle Eastern, Asian, European, and Latin American history. The program encourages students to take courses in a range of geographic and temporal areas while allowing them the flexibility to focus on subjects that interest them. It strives to provide students not just historical content but also the ability to recognize and analyze themes and patterns across the historical landscape. The Master of Arts in History program is particularly well suited for pre-doctoral students, for secondary school teachers seeking additional enrichment, and for those interested in pursuing careers in public history.

Close student and faculty contact is encouraged through a combination of lecture-discussion courses and research and reading seminars that are designed to broaden and deepen the students’ historical knowledge and provide training in history as a scholarly discipline. The department has developed new courses in the fields of East and Southeast Asian History, Ancient and Medieval History, Early Modern European History, American and European Social History, African-American History, African History, Middle Eastern History, Latin American History, and Public History.

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