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The Department of Mechanical and Materials Engineering offers a graduate program leading to a Master of Science in Engineering (M.S.E.) with a focus in aerospace engineering. The graduate program is non-traditional by requiring an interdisciplinary minor in an aerospace relevant area.


Graduate students have access to a wide range of modern facilities including classrooms, laboratories, and computer systems. Labs include wind tunnels, materials testing labs, structural testing labs, controls labs, etc., per students program of study. Computational facilities include numerous Sun, DEC, and Silicon Graphics fileservers and workstations; X-windowing terminals; and personal computers. Access is also available to the Ohio Super-computer via the Ohio Academic and Research Network (OARNET). Further, many students will leverage proximity to the Air Force Research Lab by using labs and computer equipment at Wright Patterson Air Force Base, subject to Air Force approval.


Research in aerospace engineering is focused on fields of engineering leveraged for application to flight. Depending on faculty support, funding and interest of the student, students may participate in the Micro Air Vehicles lab, the Center for Product Reliability and Optimization, or one of the other labs in the college.


The Dayton Area Graduate Studies Institute provides collaboration opportunities through the graduate engineering courses, faculty, and research resources of the Air Force Institute of Technology, the University of Dayton, The Ohio State University, and the University of Cincinnati.

Graduate Assistantships

Assistantships are available to students on a competitive basis. Students awarded assistantship support are eligible for stipends and remission of tuition fees. Interest in financial support should be indicated at the time of application.

Minimum Entrance Requirements

1) GRE required: 158(740)Q, 146(400)V,  3.5 (A)
2) 3.4 Undergraduate GPA
3) 89 TOEFL or 6.5 IELTS (I'm not as familiar, willing to pause on that)
4) Three letters of recommendation. 

Degree Requirements

Students should plan a program of study in consultation with the department chair. The program of study should be finalized by the time the student completes 9 credit hours of graduate study.

The following requirements must be met for the Master of Science in Engineering degree:

Completion of 30 graduate credit hours in courses that have prior approval by an engineering graduate advisor and program director.

  1. Two courses to be chosen from:
    • Advanced Computational Fluid Dynamics (ME 7340)
    • Applications of Finite Element Methods (ME 7120)
    • Multidisciplinary Structural Optimization (ME 7080)
  2. Two courses to be chosen from:
    • Compressible Fluid Flow (ME 6330)
    • Simulation of Thermal-Fluids Problems with Advanced Engineering Software (ME 6340)
    • Mechanics of Viscous Fluids (ME 6350)
    • Aeronautics (ME 6430)
    • Aerospace Propulsion (ME 6440)
    • Aerospace Structures (ME 6490)
    • Finite Elements (ME 6120)
  3. ?A two-course sub-specialty sequence, at least one of which must be at the 7xxx level in:
    • Industrial and Human Systems
    • Sensors and Signals
    • Materials and Nanotechnology
    • Controls and Robotics
    • Computer Science
    • Medical/Biological Systems
  4. A math course. Choose from:
    • Advanced Engineering Mathematics (MTH 5040)
    • Advanced Engineering Mathematics II (MTH 6050)
  5. 9 credits of thesis, or 9 credits of additional electives at the graduate level

Students must choose either a thesis option or advanced course work option. Students employed as teaching or research assistants through the School of Graduate Studies at any time during their degree candidacy must choose the thesis option.

Thesis Option: A thesis satisfying all requirements of the School of Graduate Studies must be completed and successfully defended in an oral examination before the major committee. Up to 9 credit hours of thesis, may count toward degree requirements of 30 total graduate credit hours. Thesis wll be registered in the home department of the advisor.

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