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English majors at William Peace University develop skills for life as they explore the power of the written word.

Using the backdrop of literature, students embrace their creativity and learn to develop arguments, analyze language, literature, cultural studies, and writing.

Through our innovative curriculum focused on real outcomes, students link their passion for the arts to in-demand skills. Our experienced faculty teaches students to become effective writers, communicators and critical thinkers by dissecting text, interpreting language and expressing ideas. English graduates have gone onto positions in academia, marketing, journalism, graduate school, business and more.

Starting in 2011, WPU began offering a four-year college writing program unlike any other in the state. Students are required to take a writing course for all four years of college with each year focusing on a different form of writing. Through this program, students will learn to write grants, technical documents, resumes, cover letters and other valuable applications. WPU English majors graduate with more than just an understanding and appreciation of great literature but also with skills graduate programs and employers value.

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