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If you have a good academic background, but come from a non-business academic or professional background, this programme is for you.
To help you rise to a role in upper management, this programme gives you a comprehensive business education. It combines a one-semester preparatory course with our four semester Master programme in International Management. You can specialise in marketing, accounting and finance, human resource, hospitality or aviation management.  
To qualify, you need a Bachelor degree in an area other than business. After successfully finishing the preparatory semester and four semesters of our Master programme, you will graduate with a Master of Arts degree in International Management. This degree qualifies you for a role in higher management or for a doctorate degree. 

First Semester:
In the first semester of the Master programme you will continue to increase your skills in the important areas of general management. This includes the strategic management of companies, company responsibility in international contexts as well as leadership and contract negotiation. The language courses will complete your profile perfectly.
Second Semester:
Choose four of six possible areas of focus including international organisational behaviour, international human resource management, international management accounting and control, international marketing, international financial accounting and international financial management. You will also continue to improve your understanding of general management with additional subjects. By the end of the semester you will have a good range of business skills.
Third Semester:
The third semester concentrates on your specialisation in one of five areas: International Marketing, Accounting & Finance, or Human Resource Management, Hospitality or Aviation Management.
Fourth Semester:
Your last semester is spent writing your master thesis.

Programme details of International Management for Non-Business Graduates master programme

The preparatory semester teaches the following topics*:
* in development, subject to change

The Master programme consists of several academic and practically-oriented modules from business and management. The modularized curriculum divides these modules into compulsory and optional compulsory modules.

The generalist aspect of the programme is reflected in the compulsory modules which will teach you:
A broad range of language courses rounds out the core qualifications for your international management career.

Four of six optional compulsory modules help to prepare you for a future specialisation:

In the third semester you will concentrate on your major, which gives you not only an academic foundation but also vital practical experience for your professional future.
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