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The Centenary College biology program includes an emphasis on a balanced program of study that enables students to explore a wide variety of interests within the natural sciences. Centenary College offers several options for biology majors.  Students can focus their studies in one of several core areas leading to a variety of careers in fields like environmental science, animal science, industry, health care, teaching, or research/graduate studies.
All of the biology degree options provide a well-rounded education in both the liberal arts and natural sciences.  Students in all of these curricula take core courses in introductory biology, chemistry, physics, animal biology, ecology, microbiology and calculus and must meet the same general education requirements.
Bachelor of Science in Biology
The Bachelor of Science in Biology degree offers the basic requirements for future graduate studies or careers in Graduate, Chiropractic, Veterinary and Medical programs.  Science internships are available to biology students after the completion of 40 credits and a minimum of 2.5 GPA.  These internships are tailored to the student’s interest and often times result in employment opportunities after completion of the degree.
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Bachelor of Science in Biology with Forensic Science Concentration
The college also offers a biology degree with a concentration in forensic science for students interested in developing a career as a scientist in a professional laboratory setting within the criminal justice field.  In addition to the required biology courses students enrolled in this degree option will also be required to take courses within the Criminal Justice area.
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Biology Degree with a Teacher Certification
While a major in Biology is their primary interest, many of our students enrolled in the biology program also pursue Teacher Certification in our Department of Education.  The demand for excellent science teachers is growing. Preparing our students with strong foundations in science enables them to become exceptional teachers at either the Elementary or Secondary Education levels with a specialization in Biology.
Students interested in pursuing Teacher Certification must have a 3.0 GPA or higher and apply to the Department of Education after their sophomore year.
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