Conversation Assistant Programme for Schools - CAPS

CAPS is a programme designed for young people who would like to spend a year in Spain helping in a Spanish School as Conversation Teaching Assistant.

You will have all your bed and board paid for and receive an allowance every month for 9 months and learn a new language &culture at the same time.

If you want to get :
  • Professional teaching experience for your CV.
  •  Personal enrichment and the experience of living abroad.
  •  Being part of a school with the support of a host family and a professional organization.
  • To get to know a new language and culture.
Then, CAPS is your programme!

As Conversation Assistant (CA) you will be assigned to an infant, primary or secondary or technical school (mostly infant and primary) mainly in Catalonia and you will assist with classes of children between the ages of 3 to 16.

The CA will help in the school 25 hours/week from Monday to Friday in accordance with the timetable provided and having the same holidays as the school.

The CA will assist the teacher and their specific responsibilities will be principally focused on reinforcing and improving the ability of the student in English.

Possible tasks you could be given, under the supervision of the teacher, include:
  • Conversation practice
  • Help in the language laboratory
  • Help in the audiovisual rooms
  • Help with oral exams
  • Explaining the culture of your own country
  • Stimulation of student’s speaking skills
  • Playing English games, reading, songs
  • Help with linguistic questions
  • Help in other subjects apart from English such as science, art, sport.
  • Preparing displays, complementary material, and conversation activities.
  • Any other duty required in order to improve the ability of the student in English.
On a voluntary basis the CA can participate in extracurricular activities such as sport and cultural visits. The CA will be assigned a tutor from the school, who will help with the CA’s integration and attend to any problems they may have within the school and family.

The programme starts at the end of September 2013 and will finish at the end of June 2014.

You will receive an allowance of 150€ a month in the form of a grant (accommodation, food and transport to and from the school are covered) . You will cover the cost of flights at the beginning and end of the programme and for any Holidays during the programme.

Accommodation:  The CA will live in a host family during their time in Spain, family details of which will be sent prior to arrival to Spain. The CA will have their own room and will be given breakfast and evening meal during the week and full board at weekends and on school holidays.

Host families are linked with the school (they have at least one child studding at the school, or are part of the school staff). They don’t receive any payment to host the conversation assistant in their houses. Families participate in the programme in order to have the experience of using your language and learning about your culture which is why they are happy to collaborate with the programme and host you. Therefore, the enthusiastic and active participation of the CA in family life is very important.

  • English as native level of language.
  • European Citizen (Non – European Citizens  are welcomed, having English as native level,  but they must get their student Visa).
  • Be a university student or post graduate
  • Vocation for working with children.
  • Ability to socialize and interact with people.
  • Desire to live in a foreign country.
  • Capacity to integrate with a family, adapt to their requirements and be involved in family life.

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