J. Addison School

Quick Facts
Year established: 2002
City of Markham, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
School Accreditation:
Ontario Ministry of Education Registration, Registration Number: BSID666092
Nature of the School:
Private school catering to local and international students
Education System:
Comprehensive school based on the Ontario Curriculum
School Facilities:
Advanced teaching facilities with dormitory residences available to all students; well-managed, well-equipped, safe and secure
The Grade Setting:
Montessori Pre-school, Elementary and Grade 9 to Grade 12 Secondary School, AP Program
School Size:
capacity of 900; 600 in secondary; teacher-student ratio: about 1:15
Educational Philosophy:
J. Addison is a culturally diverse learning community that provides students with an intellectually stimulating program in a nurturing environment. We place students at the centre of education, encourage them to be creative individuals, critical thinkers, life-long learners and socially responsible citizens.
Our Motto:
Our Students' Success Is Our Success
J. Addison School
Founded in 2002, J. Addison School is Canada’s pre-eminent day and boarding school registered with the Ontario Ministry of Education (BSID 666092) offering Montessori, secondary and pre-university programs.  The unique combination of J. Addison Travel and J. Addison School allow for the creation of educational travel programs which cultivate Canadian cultural experiences for overseas students all over the world.  These experiences allow for learning opportunities that are far more valuable and beneficial to students than classroom education alone.

Mission Statement
The goal of the J. Addison School Board of Directors is to be an instrumental key player in the Markham community through the enhancement of educational and community resources.  J. Addison School provides a safe and secure learning environment that harvests educational excellence for students from all over the world, while subsidiary companies are aligned with addressing the versatile needs of Markham’s diverse community.  All members are intricately intertwined and operate fundamentally based on integrity, ethics, mutual respect, and social responsibility.

Travelling Abroad
We also specialize in designing programs to destinations abroad including the United States, Europe, Central and South America, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and other Asian countries.  Whether you’re interested in flights, accommodations, car rentals, luxurious cruises, tours or vacation packages, we have a rich array of travel options to build your next dream vacation abroad.

Study in Canada
Study programs are designed with activities and field trips carefully selected to integrate academic contents with Canadian cultural experiences.  We always have a vast selection of pre-designed programs to choose from in various durations and to popular sites, or programs can be completely customized to our customer’s needs. In addition, foreign students select Canada as the country to complete their studies as they believe in the quality of Canada’s education system. 

Commencing in 2013, we will offer summer and winter residential academic and ESL programs.  These programs are designed to provide local and international students the opportunity to grow and learn away from home, in a school setting, and interact with their peers.  In this type of setting, students will effectively improve their English speaking skills.  Our skilled instructors (Certified Teachers) will start by assessing students’ language skills, based upon the criteria set by the Ontario Ministry of Education.  Following the assessment, each student is placed in the appropriate English / ESL level.  The full immersion in a second language strengthens conversational usage, and encourages deep friendships with students.

Students will learn to speak, write and read English, particularly conversation skills.  They will also work on Math and problem solving exercises.  International students will be immersed in the English language and experience Canadian culture while engaging in fun activities.

The activities have been designed to give students the opportunity to practice their English, Math and learn about Canadian culture.   The activities will run in the afternoons and evenings after English or ESL semi-private classes.  During the weekends, full day activities are planned which will include visits to other cities.

The Addison AdvantageTM 

1.  Dedicated Administrative Team
At J. Addison, the Board of Directors, Administration and staff work as a collaborative team to ensure that all students are treated with courtesy, dignity and respect.

2.  Individualized Programming
At J. Addison School, our professional and experienced Guidance Counselors work meticulously with each and every student to determine their potential and interests and clarify their goals.  This will facilitate the planning of their educational program to ensure future success.

3. Outstanding Educational Teachers
At J. Addison, teachers are selected for their excellent teaching skills. They are all Ontario Certified Teachers (OCT) who teach from the Ontario Curriculum noted as one of the best curriculums in the world. Our teachers bring passion and devotion to their students both during and after the school day.

4. Facilities, Amenities & Technology
At J. Addison, we provide students with a modern day learning environment, including gymnasium, science lab, computer/tablets lab, art room, music room, resource library, dance and fitness studio, year round residence, and so much more.

Computers across the curriculum fosters teamwork and collaboration and helps students expand and hone their research and analysis skills.

5.  Safe and Harmonious Learning Environment
At J. Addison, we foster and embrace multiculturalism as part of our learning environment. Our campus and on site dormitories are fully furnished rooms equipped with 24-hour automatic surveillance system, a full meal plan, wireless internet and cable, and an on-site Residence Supervisor to address student needs and concerns.

6. University Application Support
At J. Addison, we have established a tradition of excellence. Our guidance staff members provide students with the support and advice they need when applying to university.

7.   Parental Involvement
At J. Addison, we encourage parents to be part of our learning community. We make great efforts to maintain regular contact and update parents with students’ academic progress and dormitory life.  We also work diligently with parents to oversee individual student needs to enable peace of mind for families.

To prepare our students for entry into North American universities, J. Addison School has created the Five Period Day. This is unique to J Addison School as traditional schools usually offer 4 periods in their daily schedule.  The 5th period allows our students the flexibility to utilize this extra period for acceleration, enrichment, enhancement, remedial, or any other academic purpose. 

“Focus For Success” and Traditional High School Program:
For those students who wish to complete their high school program in four years, they will follow the Five Period Day, with period 5 for students to access their teachers and receive Subject Specific EXTRA HELP.  This period is also used for Grade 10 OSSLT preparation and Grade 9 EQAO Math preparation.  Students in this program can also move into the Fast Track Elite option when they feel ready.

Franco is a grade 9 student. Franco’s English language skills are not strong.  It was determined by the J. Addison Guidance team that Franco would benefit from taking the Regular Track Program. This is Franco’s first year in Ontario therefore; he must take a grade 9 course-load. After his first year, Franco will complete 8 credits. Once Franco has attained some credits and his English language skills are stronger, he has the option, but does not have to, transfer into the Fast Track Program.

“Focus For Success” and Fast Track Elite Option:
Students can take 5 credits per semester, which means that by the end of the second semester, students can accumulate as many as 10 credits. 10 periods X 3 years = 30 credits (required for an OSSD). This is ideal for students who are highly motivated and have a strong academic background. International students coming to J. Addison in senior grades (11,12) can also take advantage of the fast track option

Samantha is a student from Brazil whose English language skills are excellent. After being assessed by the J. Addison Guidance team, it was determined that Samantha had 20 equivalent Ontario credits. Using the Fast Track Elite Option, Samantha was able to get 10 credits necessary to attain her OSSD in one academic year and move on to university. The Fast Track Elite option is unique to J. Addison School.

This not only allows students to achieve their dream of starting university at a faster pace, but they also start university fully prepared, with all the skills needed to succeed.

“Focus For Success” and ESL (English as a Second Language):
J. Addison’s FIVE period day allows our international students the flexibility to complete their ESL studies faster even if they arrive late in the semester. As part of their school day they can take their designated ESL class over two periods of the school day.

Jaden is a grade 10 student from Hong Kong whose VISA application was delayed. He arrives at J. Addison in November. After taking the English Proficiency Test it was determined that Jaden should be placed in an ESLBO class. In order to get his ESL credit he needs to complete 110 hours in class. After careful planning the ESL schedule below was created for Jaden. This schedule allows Jaden to finish his ESLBO credit during first semester and he can proceed to ESLCO in Semester 2.

“Focus For Success” and Summer Credit Courses:
Students have the ability to obtain additional credits during the summer months as well, offering an extra component to accelerating/improving/enhancing a student’s high school program completion.

*please note that all credit courses, IELTS, and/or TOEFL preperation cours are chargrable; Focus For Success and other non-credit courses during the 5th period are not charged

Experiences and Statements of International Students

Lydia from Singapore:
When I was in Singapore, I did not have any study goals, my grades were bad. Luckily I chose to study at J. Addison School in Canada; because the teachers were constantly giving me support, they helped me discover my learning goals. I started to concentrate more on my studies and build my confidence. I got into the University of Toronto majoring in Life Science, and I also received a scholarship. I graduated from the University of Toronto with an Honours degree after 4 years of hard work and I continued my post-graduate education at the University of Chicago for my medical degree.

Wang from China:
I was preparing to go into grade 10; although my grades were above average, I was really worried about my education and future. My friend told me about a J. Addison School Orientation and I thought it would be worthwhile to attend. At the orientation meeting, I got to know a lot more about studying abroad and the J. Addison Advantage. I felt that I would not be able to get into university in China and therefore, I decided to continue my education at J. Addison School in Canada. Luckily, my parents were very supportive. Because my grades were decent and thanks to the individualized ESL program and assistance from the teachers in applying to university, I got accepted at University of Toronto within a year. I found a job in Toronto after I graduated and I also applied to become a legal immigrant in Canada. Choosing J. Addison School was definitely a life-changing experience.

Jonas from Brazil:
I chose to study in J. Addison School in Canada because I wanted to improve my English. Thanks to J. Addison’s team of ESL instructors, my English improved dramatically in just one year. I recommended J. Addison School to my friends when I went back to Brazil.

Leung from Hong Kong:
"I have been studying at J. Addison School for about three months now. At first, I felt it was very hard to study in Canada because my English was not the best. I was worried that when I first came here, the teachers would not understand me. But it was actually the opposite. The teachers were very nice and welcoming. All of the teachers and fellow students explained things to me in a way I could understand. I have made great progress in English. The teachers use different ways to teach us and show us new skills. For example, we use technology, workbooks, and games to better our skills. Although studying in Canada can be challenging at times, I am happy to study and be a part of J. Addison School."

Extracurricular Activities
J. Addison School firmly believes in the comprehensive development of students; not only to provide quality education, but also to provide enriching experiences through activities such as music, sports, arts, crafts, cooking and other after-school programs.  Utilization of a multifaceted developmental approach enables effectiveness and versatility for student learning.  The school will also regularly organize field trips to historical and cultural attractions such as Niagara Falls, CN Tower, Royal Ontario Museum and other sites representative of the city/national characteristics, to allow students to fully experience Canadian customs.  Learning and leisure activities will be balanced for optimal programming, including:

• Monday to Friday - daily study room monitoring will be provided to assist and support student homework needs;

• Saturday, Sunday and holidays - the school will organize sports clubs, including basketball, volleyball, badminton, table tennis, etc. on weekends and holidays. including scheduled visits to local communities to participate in various outdoor activities.  This will facilitate students with integration into the Markham community. In addition, the school will arrange for shopping trips for students to purchase daily necessities, clothing, etc.

Full Dress Uniform Is Required Daily.
Girls: Vest, Kilt, Tie, Polo Shirt
Boys: Vest, Pants, Tie, Polo Shirt

The following items are the students’ responsibility to purchase:
Girls: White Blouse, Navy or Black Knee Socks, Dark Shoes, Polo Shirt
Boys: White Dress Shirt, Dark Socks, Dark Shoes, Polo Shirt

Application Process
  1. Application form is submitted with a copy of original transcript, including application fee of CAD $200
  2. Evaluation of transcript by school; arrangement of on-line interview between school representative and student and/or parents, by request; upon approval of application form, Pre-admission Letter will be sent to student
  3. Payment of tuition fees as directed
  4. Once tuition fees received, Letter of Admission and receipt of payment will be sent to student
  5. Student submits applications for travel documents and student visa to appropriate government agencies
  6. Student visa received by student; arrange for airline ticket and airport pickup (by request) in Toronto; ensure school is notified of travel dates and arrangements
  7. Arrive in Canada, provide valid identification and student visa information
  8. Assessment test if required
  9. Commence education program at J. Addison School
Fall Semester: September - January          
Winter Semester: February - June      
Summer Semester: July & August
(Depending on when study visas are approved, international students may not be able to start school at the beginning of a semester. In this case, the school will arrange an individualized schedule for the student accordingly).

Tuition Payment (See updated tuition fees)
Tuition payments are to be made in Canadian Dollars. Please note that tuition fees are subject to change without notice.

Refund Policy
There is no refund on tuition fees and other fees for all students. If an international student's visa application is rejected, 100% of the tuition fees and other fees will be refunded with a copy of the rejection letter from the Canadian Embassy. The school reserves the right to withhold the CAD $300 administration fee and CAD $200 registration fee. Refunds require 30 days for processing.

Contact Us
Phone: (905) 477-4999
Fax: (905) 477-4380


J. Addison School
2 Valleywood Drive
Markham, Ontario L3R 8H3


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