Life Development Institute (LDI)

Life Development Institute
LDI offers internationally recognized and fully accredited high school, college and career-focused programs for young adults with Dyslexia, ADHD, Asperger's and similar conditions

What make LDI an ideal program for young adults?

Since 1982, the LDI has helped thousands of older adolescents and young adults from around the world . LDI is a fully accredited, college preparatory high school & postsecondary young adult program located in Glendale, Arizona. We are an independent, non-sectarian program for higher education capable young adults 18 & older, whose students thrive in a learning and living environment providing holistic academic and community engagement.

Our program creates a practical and inclusive bridge between the secondary and higher education/career development aspirations of international students in improving readiness and academic success in college, identifying viable career ladders, building interpersonal and leadership skills.

How does the LDI program empower young adults to achieve personal success?

Students at LDILDI is committed to international students in all stages of their education, life, cultural, and career experiences by providing a comprehensive education and cultural program equipping international students with a broad range of basic skills, soft skills, and collegiate/technical skills fundamental to improving their graduation, matriculation, employability and overall quality of life.

Students access a substantial resource base of local colleges, universities, training programs, technical schools, and employers. Instead of a "one size fits all" placement approach, student education/training options are only limited by English literacy abilities and the internal desire to succeed.

Concurrently with college or vocational enrolment, LDI embeds developmental content into its courses whose assignments & competencies integrate practical college strategies, promote interpersonal communication skills, career development & enhance social responsibility. All students engage in both academic & experiential learning in the " how to's" of handling common problem solving & decision making demands for adult life success.

What outcomes have been achieved by students after completion of the LDI program?

Ready for College or Career

  • Complete a college preparatory, career-focused course of study requiring the demonstration of college & career-ready work across the curriculum
  • Learn how to manage their own learning by identifying options, evaluating opportunities& organizing educational experiences that will enable them to work and live in a global society
  • Consistently and competently show mastery in evidence-based competencies for
    postsecondary education, workplace, and community

Skilled for Success in a Global Environment

  • Are “literate for the 21st century”—certificated proficiency in reading, writing, math,
    viewing, listening, and speaking in English in a variety of settings
  • Contribute to their workplaces as satisfied, high-achievers placing service over self-interest
  • Make healthy decisions that enhance their physical, mental, and emotional well-being

Connect to the world

  • Effectively collaborate with individuals from different cultural backgrounds
  • Engage in service learning and civic engagement, contributing to the development
    of a more just, peaceful, and sustainable world

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Life Development Institute
18001 N. 79th Ave., E-71
Glendale, AZ 85308

Tel: (623) 773-2774

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    • College preparatory
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    • Arizona, United States
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    • Arizona, United States

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