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Nuremberg Technical University of Applied Sciences (former Georg Simon Ohm University of Applied Sciences) is one of the largest German Universities of Applied Sciences with 270 full professors, 450 lecturers, and 12,000 students. The university is located in the historical city of Nuremberg in the heart of the hightech state of Bavaria and has been named after the world famous German physicist Georg Simon Ohm who established Ohm's law.

Historically, the university has been famous for Georg Ohm who was a professor of physics and mathematics from 1833 and the university principal from 1839 to 1849. However, internationally and more currently, the university is well-known for its international environment, practice-oriented undergraduate and postgraduate programmes and intensive research and partnerships worldwide.

The university has established over one hundred university partnerships worldwide to be a leading "global player".

Management-Institut (GSO-MI)

GSO-MI is the Business School of Nuremberg Technical University of Applied Sciences which is exclusively dedicated to producing global leaders through its MBA programme. The university has been offering a globally oriented MBA programme since 1997. The focus of our MBA programme is not only on training successful corporate leaders within a European context but also on crafting leaders who can play phenomenal roles in a borderless world where geographical boundaries are no longer relevant.

In GSO-MI MBA programme, students are highly encouraged and supported by the faculty to intensively and collaboratively concentrate on research areas which encompass innovation, leadership skills, and crisis management, to name a few.

GSO-MI Scholarship

Diversity and internationality are among the highlights of our MBA programme. So far, we have been able to warmly welcome students from over 50 different countries. To maintain and facilitate such international atmosphere, we offer a limited number of GSO-MI Scholarships, up to € 2,000, to those international candidates with outstanding academic/vocational backgrounds.

Accreditation and Awards

GSO-MI ranks among Germany's top public universities for its excellent practice-oriented MBA programme at affordable tuition rates by Stifterverband fu?r die Deutsche Wissenschaft and McKinsey & Company. Our MBA programme has been fully aligned with the standards stipulated in the Bologna Declaration (ECTS credits, Diploma Supplement, Development of Joint Degrees) and has been accredited by ACQUIN. The agency cited the faculty's active international network as particularly noteworthy. Additionally, our MBA students have been recently awarded the "alpha Leadership Personality Award" and the "GSOMI Alumni Management Excellence Award". The former is awarded by the Nuremberg-based alpha Gruppe which serves to support actively practiced entrepreneurship and excellent achievements during the study programme. The latter award is endowed by the Alumni Association of the GSO-MI. It is designed to honor special commitment during and after the study programme in relation to entrepreneurial achievements. It offers a free place to study for the MBA programme.

Programme Type:

MBA at Management-Institut (GSO-MI) has two tracks:

1) MBA for applicants with educational background in management-related studies: Corporate Master Programme for Financials, (CMP-F), full- and part-time studyable
2) MBA for applicants without any educational background in management-related studies: Corporate Master Programme for Non-Financials (CMP-NF), full- and part-time studyable

Specialization by Function: General Management

Semester Start Dates: Summer semester (March 15th)
Winter semester (October 1st)

Programme Duration: CMP-F (18 months + MBA Thesis)
CMP-NF (24 months + MBA Thesis)

Tuition Fee: The tuition fees for the MBA programmes (CMP-F and CMP-NF) are €15,000 and €18,000 respectively. The tuition fees include registration fees for all MBA courses, extensive study materials and exam fees.

Entry Requirements: A motivation letter, a Bachelor's Degree or a valid equivalent qualification, a minimum of two (2) years work experience after graduation from the first university degree, GMAT is recommended but not mandatory, TOEFL/TOEIC/or IELTS test results, two (2) recommendation letters (one for scholarship if you want to apply for and one for the application itself)

Application Fee:EURO (€) 0


Ms. Kerstin Lorentz-Sabisch (Programme Manager)
Management-Institut / Technische Hochschule Nürnberg Georg Simon Ohm
Kressengartenstraße 2
D-90402 Nuremberg-Germany

Tel.: +49 911 5880-2802
Fax: +49 911 5880-6800

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    • MBA
    • MBA General Management for Financials
    • 15-18 months
    • Nuremberg, Germany
    • MBA
    • MBA General Management for Non-Financials
    • 15-18 months
    • Nuremberg, Germany

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