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Why study at Potchefstroom Business School?
At the Potchefstroom Business School we strive to change the way our students think about business. We want our students to become manager-leaders in their own right. All our programmes strive to promote practical business solutions in the workplace and we encourage our students to “practice what we preach”. Situated in Potchefstroom as part of the North West University, the Potchefstroom Business School aims to make a difference in the local economy and community through implementation of skills and other social projects.

The Potchefstroom Business School is a dynamic institution that will help get the edge in an ever changing business environment.

We offer a range of qualifications and short courses to empower managers and employees of a variety of different backgrounds.

These qualifications range from a 3 year MBA programme to short courses in Emotional intelligence.

Whatever your educational need as business man or woman, Potchefstroom Business School can help you to add value to you organisation or own business by providing practical knowledge to use in your business environment.

What can an MBA at the Potchefstroom Business School offer me?
  • The MBA is recognised internationally as the most suitable qualification to prepare business people for successful careers within the senior cadres of their organisations.  
  • An MBA improves the management skills of participants and innovative study themes unlock new knowledge that guides developing leaders in a creative way to play a definite value-adding role within their organisations.  
  • The dynamic programme content is carefully compiled for individuals who not only expect value for their money, but insist on continued returns on the investment of their time and hard years of study.  
  • The value of an MBA lies within the performance of each individual. It is a degree for people who not only want to be able to write MBA ‘behind their name’, but also wish to turn their newly-acquired knowledge and skills into value and prosperity.  
  • The Potchefstroom Business School firmly believes that the achieved average results are a synergistic consequence of the knowledge and creativity of student and lecturer.

Admission to the MBA programme takes place according to strict requirements in accordance with other fully-accredited business schools countrywide. Prospective candidates must have a recognised degree qualification (or similar) and three years’ applicable working experience. Any overseas qualification must be verified at the South African Qualification Authority (SAQA) by the applicant.

Fees: The total cost of the 2014 MBA programme is R117,750.

Students at NWU Contact us

Mrs Wilma Pretorius
MBA Administrative Officer

Tel: +27 18 299 1419
Fax: +27 18 299 1416


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