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Purdue University Online programsGet started with an online education at Purdue University. Each of our online programs are designed to help you discover new levels of knowledge and experience, and to raise your career potential to the next level.

By offering degree programs online, Purdue allows people all over the world to take part in its brand of high-quality education that is driven by intellectual curiosity and the dream of creating a better world. Purdue University has the largest number of international students of any US university.

Online learning affords benefits for international students. Because our education transcends international boundaries, students can get the Purdue experience without the additional expense of international travel, visa requirements, and accompanying costs. We welcome international students and the diverse perspectives and experiences they bring to the virtual classroom.
The Future is Yours
Purdue has focused on curricula that move you towards your future career goals, while providing high value for your education dollar. We place a premium on measuring student growth and ensuring the skills gained will be applicable to their careers and future accomplishments.

Purdue is committed to your success and professional growth, which is why the online format is designed with flexibility, allowing you to continue your education while still focusing on your life and career. The online education at Purdue is a communal experience, with opportunities to connect and interact with faculty and peers online. You may not have to leave home, but you will be an active participant able to share questions, concerns and inspiration when it strikes.
The Purdue Experience Online
Employers worldwide understand when they meet Purdue alumni they are connecting with individuals who are confident, disciplined and imaginative. Those employers will make no distinction between an on-campus student and an online student. Neither do we. Our online courses contain all the focus, hard work and next-level thinking that make a Purdue graduate stand out in the job market.
A Faculty of Game Changers
Purdue has a world-class faculty of scholars and researchers to help you succeed. Each educator brings a unique perspective on how to navigate the challenges of the modern workplace and groundbreaking methods you can use to strengthen your career. Our faculty is also available to connect with you outside of the classroom and champion your academic journey.
About Purdue University
Purdue University is a vast laboratory for discovery. The university is known not only for science, technology, engineering, and math programs, but also for its imagination, ingenuity, and innovation. It's a place where those who seek an education come to make their ideas real - especially when those transformative discoveries lead to scientific, technological, social, or humanitarian impact.

Founded in 1869 in West Lafayette, Indiana, the university proudly serves its state as well as the nation and the world. Academically, Purdue's role as a major research institution is supported by top-ranking disciplines in pharmacy, business, engineering, and agriculture. More than 39,000 students are enrolled here. All 50 states and 130 countries are represented. Add about 950 student organizations and Big Ten Boilermaker athletics, and you get a college atmosphere that's without rival.
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    • Type
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    • Duration
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    • Graduate Certificate
    • Graduate Certificate in Strategic Communication Management
    • 8 week courses - Complete program in approx. 6 months.
    • Distance Learning
    • MSc
    • Master of Science in Education in Learning Design and Technology
    • 8 week courses - Complete program in less than 2 years
    • Distance Learning
    • MSc
    • Master of Science in Communication
    • 8 week courses - Complete program in less than 2 years
    • Distance Learning
    • Masters
    • Master of Science in Education in Special Education
    • 7 week courses - Complete program in less than 2 years
    • Distance Learning

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