Texila American University (TAU)

Texila American University
Texila American University (TAU), one of the best Caribbean Medical School, is located in Guyana, the only English-speaking country in South America. TAU offers Health Science programs with a high level of professionalism, exactness and problem solving skills, the curriculum at the TAU is structured after the best US and Caribbean medical schools.

Students with microscopeThe academic program is both accelerated and rigorous, with a focus of preparing students for licensure in the United States, Caribbean and Asia. The Program curriculums are designed to reinforce the enduring tenets of the practice of medicine and ensure the ability of understanding and handling the changing demands of heath service in the various fields of society Students at TAU are presented with, and challenged to adopt, the ethics and values that apply to all health professions.

In clerkships students acquire in-depth clinical experiences to sharpen their communication and healthcare problem-solving abilities. Among the medical programs offered by the Caribbean medical schools, TAU has its unique Doctor of Medicine Program with exposure to clinical facilities right from the first year of medical education.

TAU offers full-time programs in Medicine, Dentistry, Nursing and other Allied Health Science programs operates on a two semester system with classes beginning in March and September.

Our Vision is to build a team of qualified and dedicated health science professionals with the mind set to serve with love the rich and the poor alike.

Our Mission is to break down educational barriers between nations, serve the national & international community and solidarity, and lead highly qualified applicants to study health science programs.
  • To establish state of the art facilities for education and create higher level of educational systems in health care, technology and management.
  • To provide the highest standard of medical training, using an innovative program that utilizes the knowledge from highly qualified teaching professionals and resources available across the globe
  • To inspire within every graduate of the university the humanity and desire to provide the highest quality of medical care to their patients
Accreditations and Listings
  1. Our Texila American University is listed with WHO-AVICENNA Directories and has its registration and memberships with various educational bodies and associations which adds value to its programs.
  2. TAU is recognized by the Department of Education Via registration with the National Accreditation Council of Guyana.
  3. The International Association for Dental Research (IADR), headquartered in Alexandria, Va., is a Non-profit organization with more than 11,000 members worldwide. Its mission is
    • To advance research and increase knowledge for the improvement of oral health worldwide
    • To support and represent the oral health research community and
    • To facilitate the communication and application of research findings.
  4. Global Alliance for Medical Education (GAME) is dedicated to the advancement of innovation in medical education throughout the world.
  5. Texila American University has been added to register participants in United Nations Global Compact program.
  6. TAU is listed in the International Medical Education Directory (IMED). This is an accurate and up-to-date compilation of international medical schools recognized by the appropriate government agency in the medical school's respective country. Recognition by the ECFMG depends directly on whether or not the school is listed in this directory.
  7. AMEE is an International Association for Medical Education. It delivers courses on teaching, assessment and research skills for teachers in medicine and healthcare professions.
  8. Our Clinical Research program has received accreditation from Swiss Association of Pharmaceutical Professionals.
  9. TAU is approved Member with International Association for Distance Learning, United Kingdom.
TAU is offering on-campus, off-campus and Distance learning programs in health science and allied health science field.

On-Campus Programs
  1. College of Medicine: Bachelor of Science and Doctor of Medicine (BS-MD -5.5 yrs), Doctor of Medicine (MD- 4 yrs), Master of Medicine (MMed. - 3 yrs). CLINICAL ROTATION Opportunity in USA for last 2 yrs of MEDICINE programs.
  2. College of Dentistry: Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS- 4 yrs)
  3. College of Nursing: Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN – 4 yrs) (option of transferring to University of West England, UK for Adult Nursing) and RN-BSN (2 yrs).
  4. College of Premedical Education: Premedical Foundation and Premedical Diploma
  5. Center of American Education: Associate to Bachelors Degree to Business/Management/Science/Engineering/Premedical/Psychology
Online/Distance Learning Programs

Diploma, Bachelors, Master and PhD programs in the following schools
  1. School of Clinical Research
  2. School of Public Health and Management
  3. School of Behavioral Science
  4. School of Nursing
Advantages of students being in Texila American University, Guyana
  • Tropical weather and they will find homely atmosphere in Guyana
  • Being English as local language, student can communicate to faculties and patients easily during their Clinical Rotation
  • Curriculum is based on US system and we train student for USMLE and other assessment examinations worldwide
  • Opportunity to study along with the students of twenty plus nationalities
  • Cost of living is affordable as being in South America
Campus Address

Critchlow, Woolford Avenue, Georgetown, Guyana, South America.
Telephone: (+592) 2318118, Fax: (+592) 2318111,
E-mail:; Web :

Admission office

C/o Sakshi Education Consulting & Training (P) Limited, #34/1, K.S. Arunachalam Road, K.K.Pudur, Coimbatore-641038. Tamil Nadu, India.

Telephone: (+91) 0422-4559900 Fax No: (+91)-422-4559914

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