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The American University of Rome
Students at The American University of Rome
Low Student-to-Faculty Ratio
The 16-to-1 faculty ratio at The American University of Rome gives students the opportunity to gain a more intimate international educational experience.
Student drawing in Rome
We Are an  International Community
The  American University of Rome is home to a highly diverse student body of  roughly 500 students representing over forty countries. In reflection of this  eclectic student body, our professors respect and draw from different points of  view, ideas, and real-world experiences, enriching the dialogue within the  classroom. Moreover, both faculty and students bring to the table a  diversity in perspective that contributes and supplements the basis for  learning.    
Rome Is Our Classroom
Rome  constantly conjures up vivid reminders of its glorious past as the city that  built the greatest empire the world has ever known. With its sunny climate,  stately umbrella pines, and an unparalleled wealth of history around every  corner, Rome's beauty quickly overtakes all who enter its ancient walls. A walk  or bus ride through even the most commonplace quarters of the city yields  encounters with innumerable monuments, towering pillars, and major imperial  buildings that still stand imposingly just as they have for over 2,000 years!  Our professors frequently complement their lessons with on-site visits around  the city, using Rome as a classroom and guiding student through the richly  layered experience that is Rome, and highlighting its global context throughout  the ages.
Memorable Excursions
Studying at The American University of Rome gives students the chance to travel across the US, Italy, Europe, and Africa, to vibrant destinations such as Boston, Pompeii, Vienna, and various cities and towns throughout Ghana. Several academic departments offer exciting and challenging credit course excursions. The most recent example being Kosovo in March 2013, led by the International Relations Department. In 2012, our Model United Nations team traveled to New York as part of our annual participation in the Model United Nations Conference.
A student seeing the sights in Rome
Transformative Internships
A remarkable 72% of the students at AUR have done an internship, far above the US national average of 50%.  Even more notably, over a quarter of those students have participated in more than one internship experience.  A wonderful complement to their academic studies, internships provide students with the benefit of experience in a competitive job market.
Internships for students from The American University of Rome
Student Life Activities & Clubs
  The Student Life Office is the heart of your student  life at The American University of Rome! We strive to complement the academic  mission of the University by providing and supporting opportunities for  learning through extra-curricular activities. The activities and facilities  that we offer strive to promote students' personal growth, leadership  development, social responsibility, multicultural competence and intellectual  inquiry. We offer men's and women's soccer clubs, running club, and rooftop  yoga! In  an ongoing effort to provide opportunities to keep (or get!) fit as well as to  rub elbows with Italians participating in yet another authentically Italian  activity, AUR has contracted with a successful and popular local gym (palestra)  to use its facilities and lessons.Student Life also  organizes events such as cooking lessons and community service projects in  addition to the many clubs you can join and be a part of.Our staff is committed  to providing you with superb service in an engaging environment to entice your  participation in formal and informal activities.

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