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Universidad Azteca is a Private University with recognition  to issue University Degrees, listed on the international level.

It is dedicated in the traditions of the quality and excellence in teaching and to concern for both ultimate values and for the individual values of its students, is a private University committed to providing a liberal education of both general and specialized studies.
Graduates from Universidad Azteca
As a dynamic university, Universidad Azteca strives to offer, through effective teaching, quality education founded on the idea that one's intellectual and personal development go hand in hand, complementing and fulfilling each other. The University has, as its basic purpose, the free search for truth by teaching its students the basic skills, knowledge, and values that they will need for a life of human dignity. The programs of the University also aim at preparing students for informed service and progressive leadership in their communities and to fulfilling the immediate and final goals of their lives.

Universidad Azteca International Network System applies the ECTS which allows for international comparability of qualifications.

Take advantage of enrolling in a unique combined Master and Doctor programme

MBA + DBA inter-university dual-degree online programme

Online programme suitable for busy professionals anywhere. The programme is not synchronous and can be started at any time of the year.

The DBA curriculum consists of 180 ECTS credits of postgraduate study, offered as modular fashion. DBA-candidates in the short programme complete 20 required modules/courses (120 ECTS credits), plus a final Thesis/Dissertation (60 ECTS credits) focused on a specific field or industry of management.

The modular Doctor of Business Administration programme in Executive Management has as a general aim of provision of an academically rigorous education designed to develop skills, expertise, knowledge and vision to enable students, whatever their chosen route, to be critical, analytical and creative. The programme aims to provide opportunity for self-development in relation to career enhancement and as life-long learners.

The programme offers students the opportunity to develop their own capabilities, skills and competencies within a supported environment.

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