Universidad Ecotec

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Universidad Ecotec
Discover the best of South America in Ecuador.
Universidad Ecotec is located in Guayaquil, Ecuador's largest city and main commercial center in the country. From here we can reach all parts of the country, including Galapagos Islands, the Amazon and the Andes, in a fairly short time by bus or via our international airport. Forty minutes away from the beach, the city is located in the coastal region. We have hot weather all year round (we are, funnily enough, right on the Equator) and quite humid.

Course Includes:
  • 5-day Orientation Tour beginning in Quito, including Otavalo artisan market,
    visits to the Equator and Andean communities.
  • A weekend fieldtrip to Cuenca, the Ingapirca Ruins and Cajas National Park; optional visit to the coast of Ecuador.
  • Cultural activities such as Latin dance classes, Ecuadorian cooking class,
    language exchange with local Ecotec students.
  • Homestay with an Ecuadorian family
  • Up to 6 credits of Spanish and 3 credits for Service Learning*
  • Donation to service agency

Why Choose Ecotec:
  • Friendly, experienced, bilingual staff available 24 hours for students
  • Ecuadorian host family accommodation
  • Extensive travel and fieldtrips
  • Opportunity to serve in the community
"University of the Year" in 2011"
Recognition presented by the Ecuadorian Congress and the Board of Director's Association of Journalists