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Ed-Next - The supplementary education provider of choice.
'Ed-Next: Teach, Learn, Succeed'
Ed-Next is the supplemental education provider of choice. It aims to make world class education available to learners at the speed of need. At Ed-Next we believe that the personal and organisational improvement is the result of careful career planning, continuous professional development and flexible learning options. Ed-Next delivers verifiable learning in a timely and cost effective manner.

It has partnered with leading accredited E-learning providers to offer a comprehensive portfolio of career and professional development courses. Its broad course range includes:
  1. Over 11 GCSE and 19 A-Level courses that are available 24x7x365 with full tutor support for 12-24 month period
  2. Over 60 Institute of Leadership Management professional development certificate and VRQ qualifications that carry CPD points.
  3. Undergraduate and postgraduate level courses through University of Derby and Pebble Hills University.
  4. Over 100 lifelong learning courses that cover career and professional development through a leading US learning provider
  5. Compliance training in Health & Safety, Safeguarding, First Aid, Data Protection etc. for Schools and SME
The campus at Les Roches International School of Hotel ManagementEd-Next’s learning portal is a pioneer in providing blended-learning programmes for students who are learning at a distance. Its dynamic and fully interactive approach offers e-learning and tutoring, supported by an excellent library of downloadable resources, and also an e-counselling service. All of this is presented in a lively format and delivered by highly trained experts.  We strive to improve our offering on an ongoing basis, believing that we should never think we can’t improve.

Let us take you on a stimulating journey of discovery, challenge and improvement with benefits to you and your organisations. So spark your intellect and productivity with learning that prepares you to succeed.

Begin your journey of improvement. Whatever you learning need, Ed-Next is here to help and has a solution for you.

Our accredited just in time online learning is standardised and consistent, it is motivating, it saves time and reduces cost by up to 80%. It can be taken anytime and from anywhere.

If you are looking for high quality digital education that is made available to you on demand simply visit call 020 3475 8500or email
Ed-Next - studying hard
Ed-Next - studying hard

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