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La Cité is the largest French-language applied arts and technology school in Ontario, Canada’s most populated province. Created in 1989, it is situated in Ottawa, Canada’s capital.

Recognized for its practical trainings, La Cité offers more than 90 programs to some 4700 full-time francophone students from Ontario,french speaking communities in other parts of Canada and many foreign countries.

Working in a minority French environment in Ontario since opening, La Cité's mission is two fold. First, the school trains future generations of workers by giving students access to a quality postsecondary education in French (International equivalence European/African = minimum registration required, completed bachelor's degree), one that meets the needs of its clientele and of the labour market.

Second, by providing training, la Cité contributes to the development of its community by creating a francophone living environment, by being a leader in the French-speaking community and by supporting the economic, social and cultural development of its community.

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La Cité has always striven to offer practical training programs, of one to three years, with a majority offering possibilities of labor training. It is also important to know that La Cité offers post graduate programs, applied Baccalaureate and a whole range of apprenticeship programs, in French, in the construction.

With more than 90 training programs, La Cité is renowned internationally for its range of training fields, such as Health sciences, Media, Hospitality, Administration and Construction.

M John Wills, former trainer at the FBI Academy, comments, on the website, about the Emergency institute (911) of La Cité:

"To say I was impressed with La Cite collégiale would be an understatement. Having taught at the FBI Academy for six years, I have a good idea of what is needed to prepare people for a career in public service/law enforcement. La Citécollégiale meets and surpasses the standards I would require to give students the best training possible."


La Cité offers postsecondary training in the following fields:

  • Administration
  • Apprenticeship programs
  • Arts and design
  • Communications
  • Computer sciences
  • Construction and mechanics
  • Electronics
  • Aesthetic and hairdressing
  • Forestry and environment
  • Health sciences
  • Hospitality
  • Housing and interior design
  • Media
  • Preparatory programs
  • Security
  • Social sciences
  • Tourism and travel
  • Post graduate Program

Arrimage agreement
La Cité has signed numerous articulation agreements with universities from across Canada. Those agreements allow La Cité's graduates to pursue undergraduate or graduate university studies in various fields, including administration, mechanical engineering, computer sciences, journalism, and many others.

The main campus of La Cité is located in Ottawa, near to more than 125 foreign Embassies. It contains some ten buildings built on 60 acres of land which includes one residence that house 251 students.

In September 2010, the Alphonse-Desjardins campus was inaugurated in Orleans, 15 minutes from the main campus in Ottawa. It houses the Centre des métiers Minto; a unique training centre specializing in the construction trades.

La Cité now offers a small number of programs in Toronto and satellite campuses in the east region of the province.

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