Polish Academy of Sciences - Institute of Economics (INE PAN)

Institute of Economics – Polish Academy of Institute of Economics of the Polish Academy of Sciences (INE PAN)

Business education in Warsaw, Poland, the heart of Central Europe

The Institute of Economics of the Polish Academy of Sciences is the most advanced and prestigious Polish research center in the field of economic and business studies.

The Institute’s mission is to explore, analyze and evaluate economic processes, and make its findings available to all those who dare to take a critical and active attitude towards their lives and careers.


One-year Part-time MBA Program:
INE PAN offers an exceptional MBA program entitled the MBA – Challenges in Emerging Markets. It provides sound knowledge of fundamental principles of operational management, finance, marketing, strategic planning and human resource management. Studies at INE PAN will result in boosting your career, gaining extra recognition from your work colleagues, expanding and deepening your understanding of relevant business processes, making friends with other managers and executives, and, perhaps most importantly, making you aware of your unrealized talents and allowing them to alter your life for better.

Two-year Part-time Executive Doctor of Business Administration Program:
The EDBA program welcomes candidates who are interested in conducting some original research project in the field of business, management, finance, or international trade. In the nutshell, a good MBA program gives one the knowledge, competencies and skills in management of a company. A good DBA program equips one with systemic thinking about a company and its future. INE PAN's EDBA Program does exactly that and does it very well.

The main strengths of INE PAN programs are
(1) the Institute of Economics of the Polish Academy of Sciences is an internationally renowned research and educational center, so a diploma issued by it has a definite value.
(2) participants do not have to quit their jobs in order to study on its programs, they would have to come to Warsaw only twice during a semester for a 5-day session.
(3) its tuition fees are very competitive; since INE PAN is a state institution it can lower the prices without compromising the quality of the programs it offers.
(4) it has distinguished lecturers such as the President of the National Bank of Poland, Director of the Institute of Economics, Members of the Monetary Policy Council, and finally
(5) within the tuition fee it offers an exciting cultural program.


There are two admission periods: October-February (participants begin their studies in March) and March-September (participants commence their studies in October).

The admissions procedure is simple and straightforward. In order to apply you will need to send the following information:

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